Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yankees Postgame, 7/21 vs. Orioles: First Place!

Welp, the Yankees are in first place, as no-name Sergio Mitre (pictured above wearing a bullet-proof vest) did just enough to assist in a 6-4 victory for the Bombers.

The Yanks will finish up the series with the O's in tomorrow's matinee at The Stadium. Burnett going against some guy named Berken certainly favors New York for the win, but of course crazier things have happened.

Mo locked down the save, Cano hit a home run (don't 'cha know?), and A-Rod was thrown out by a mile at second base (hopefully it was an unsuccessful hit-and-run with Posada swinging and missing).

Oh, the Phillies won again, and the crappy Mets lost... again. They are now a full 10 games back. In true Craig Carton fashion, I am locking up the Mets' season being just about as dead as Michael Jackson, may he rest in all the pieces he was made of.

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