Friday, August 7, 2009

Dubinsky Does Dallas?

We honestly hate to drum up old rumors that have been going on for what seems like forever, but with Rangers restricted free agent center Brandon Dubinsky still not signed, and this article from The Bleacher Report, it seems like a Brad Richards for Dubinsky deal could be very realistic.

What gives the rumor substance is the fact that Richards flourished under Rangers Head Coach John Tortorella when Torts was the head coach in Tampa Bay, and the Rangers need a number one center.

If you don't feel like clicking the link, the article suggests that the Rangers are going to deal Dubinsky along with defenseman Michael Rozsival ($5 mil/year) and a prospect for Richards ($7.8 mil/year) and a player to be named.

I'd like to see this deal done as much as I'd like to see Susan Boyle naked. I honestly don't think Richards would be that much better as Marian Gaborik's pivot than Dubinsky.

Now that I've gotten you nauseous by mentioning Dubinsky's possible departure, or the Susan Boyle thing, let's top it off with a link to Theo Fleury's comeback story! He should do the Petr Nedved thing and latch on with the Rangers training camp...they'll let you go to the team golf outing!