Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NHL Winter Classic 2010

The 2010 NHL Winter Classic will be taking place at Boston’s Fenway Park, pitting the Boston Bruins against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Last year’s Classic at Wrigley Field was a grand slam (pun intended). Now, the action will shift to another storied venue with rabid Boston fans and the uncomparable Philly fanatics. Boston and hockey just works (see: Leary, Denis), and the Bruins have been revitalized the last couple seasons, much like the Blackhawks.

I love the match-up for this game. Two tough teams, from blue-collar cities, and plenty of skill to boot. We may actually see our first Winter Classic fight! Now, I know people wanted to see some sort of Original Six game between the Bruins and the Canadiens or Rangers, and some wanted to see Alexander Ovechkin on an outdoor frozen tundra like he probably played on in mother-Russia, but sports fans are getting a legit hockey game to watch this New Year’s Day. You’re going to see some good, old-school hockey.

Not to get all Paul Lukas on you, but the only issue I have with this game is Black and Gold versus Orange and Black....not a fan.

The only question left for this game, who trades for Ty Conklin?

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