Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Want No Scrubs

Dan Bickley of The Arizona Republic is hinting at Jeremy Roenick’s retirement. Roenick, never one to shy away from speaking his mind, having a good time or just generally blabbing, mentioned that he thinks his former Chicago Blackhawks teammate, Chris Chelios, wants to play for the New York Rangers.

"Chelly wants to play until he's 50," Roenick said. "Chelly wants to play in New York, for the Rangers and Glen Sather."

I think I speak for all Rangers fans when I say, NO. If these were the 1998-2003 Rangers, then the 88-year-old Chelios is a shoe-in, but Glen Sather and the Rangers have been doing everything right this off-season, don’t Dorian it up now. Good thing Perry Cox isn’t at the Rangers helm.

The Rangers should bring in a veteran presence on the blueline after they drop either Wade Redden or Michael Rozsival. That veteran should be Sergei Zubov - case closed. In case you missed one of our last entries, we here at The Black and White Cookie are big fans of the Chopped Liver.

As for Roenick, he has been great for hockey. In a league that doesn’t have many personalities, Roenick was always a great quote, and did his best to make hockey interesting to the casual fan.

In other Metro-hockey news, New Jersey Devils General Manager Lou Lamoriello can retract his fangs now that center Travis Zajac agreed to a contract and will avoid arbitration. Meanwhile, the New York Islanders have fired their radio broadcast team and will simulcast the television crew’s broadcast. Oh, and Rick DiPietro may not be healthy enough to start the season - shocker.

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