Thursday, July 23, 2009


On the surface, one would look at the MLB standings and see that the Yankees are 57-37, currently sit in first place and have won six in a row, sweeping both the Tigers and Orioles. We at The Black and White Cookie provide our readers with a closer look, and a reason for the loud obnoxious Yankee fan to sit back and shut up a bit until Sunday, Aug. 9, after the final game of a four-game series with the (second-place) Red Sox.

When the Yankees make it to the ALCS, they will likely play one of two teams: Red Sox or Angels. The Yankees are a combined 2-12 against these teams. This is why I say the Yankees' current record deserves the Barry Bonds treatment.

Yes, they have the best record in the American League and second-best record in the majors, but their record is hollow. As long as they make the playoffs, and assuming they will draw the AL Central champ in the first round, the Bombers should coast into the ALCS (19-5 against the Central).

Food for thought: It's unrealistic to say the Yankees should be 8-0 against the Sox instead of 0-8, but a reasonable split versus the Beantown Bastards would put the Yanks six games up in the division.

Just sayin'

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