Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And Now For the Good News...

Joba Chamberlain will start the 2008 season in the Yankees bullpen.

The Yankees have given him a 140 innings maximum and will send the flame-thrower back to Triple-A in June or so to strengthen his arm for about three weeks before coming back up to be added to the rotation.

I would personally like to see Joba stay in the pen all year, as this means the Yankees rotation is healthy and effective. I would rather have five good starters (Assuming Pettitte will be Pettitte, Wang will be Wang and so on...) than have the rotation struck with the Carl Pavano injury bug and force Joba to enter the rotation.

You can bet with Joba and Mo as the 8-9 punch late in games that the Yankees will have the most lethal setup-closer duo since Rivera/Wetteland in '96.

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