Friday, December 14, 2007

Coincidence? Probably Not

George Mitchell, a U.S. Senator and Board Director at the Boston Red Sox released his findings during his steroid investigation in Major League Baseball on Thursday. Allow me to magnify the biggest part of that sentence, "AND BOARD DIRECTOR AT THE BOSTON RED SOX". 

Let's now take this knowledge and apply it to Mitchell's findings. Twenty-two former and current Yankees found their names in this report, as opposed to no big name Red Sox. I find this interesting as it comes from a man who receives a paycheck from the Red Sox. I don't quite understand how a man who is said to be investigating the majors has only one primary source: Kirk Radamski, a former Mets clubhouse worker.

This leads the media, the fans and the rest of the baseball world to believe that the Red Sox are clean and totally free of this epidemic spreading across baseball. The supposed "Steroid Era" we are now living in is turning a new page, according to Bud Selig and George Mitchell. I do not understand though, for the life of me, how you cannot take more time and dig deeper into the supposed dark underworld of baseball, one that sees drugs, creams and injections on a daily basis. Mitchell spend 20 months "investigating" at the request of Selig. Does he think he got to the end? Does he really believe he found all the sources linking players to HGH and other steroids? What if he spent another 20 months investigating? 

Jose Canseco has come out and called the investigation "laughable" in the sense that he has more information on tons of higher profile players than the report had. Why not talk to Jose Canseco? I hate the man probably just as much as I hate Barry Bonds, but in an investigation like this, he is probably your best source. Canseco says he has "stuff" on A-Rod, and was appalled that his name didn't appear on the list. 

My thoughts are just this: This thing is not over, we are simply seeing the tip of the iceberg, but apparently the Boston Red Sox Director, George Mitchell, thinks otherwise. Jose Canseco will write another book, a book that will shock the world more than Mitchell's accusations of Tim Laker and Marvin Bernard, among others. 

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