Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jimmy Rollins is on Crack

Where does Jimmy Rollins get the balls to predict the Phillies beating the Yankees in 5 games? We all know he's an idiot, and talks more than he should (I will be happy to direct you to his crappy .250 2009 campaign), but where does he get off making a bold prediction like that?

I'm not saying the Phillies won't win, I'm just saying if they do, it sure as hell won't be in 5.

On another note of idiot predictions: John "I haven't seen my neck since 1974" Kruk also predicted the Phillies to win. Shocker, an ESPN "analyst" that played in Philly picked the Phils. Oh, and Mitch Williams of the MLB Network took a page out of Rollins' book this morning on WFAN's Boomer and Carton, predicting a Phillie win in 5 games.

I wonder what Steve Phillips has to say about all of this. Oh wait, no I don't.

I wanted the Yankees to win simply because I'm a new-generation Yankee fan, one that is only used to seeing the Yankees celebrating on the mound. It's been way too long between World Series appearances. Way too long since ticker-tape parades. Way too long since we had a baseball champion in New York.

Hopefully the trash-talking Phillies have woken a somewhat sleeping giant.

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