Monday, July 27, 2009

Yankees Spank Rays; Mets Spank Rockies, NYDN

Swisher hit two home runs, Cano went deep, and Damon joined in the party with a shot of Jack himself, as the Yankees beat up on the Rays, 11-4. Bombers still 2.5 up on the Sox.

The real story of the day came before any pitch was thrown, as the sinking Mets held a press conference in late in the afternoon to announce the firing of Tony Bernazard. Big deal? Not really. The big deal came when Omar Minaya used a public forum, being simulcast on SNY and WFAN, to present the idea that he believed the Daily News reporter that broke the Bernazard story had an ulterior motive in his reporting: he wanted the psychotic VP of player development's job.

According to Minaya, who crucified the Daily News' Adam Rubin during the press conference, claimed Rubin approached him about breaking into the baseball business and used the power of the pen to create a job opening for himself.

THIS JUST IN: Confirming earlier reports, Omar Minaya IS actually the dumbest GM in baseball, and probably needs to be fired. The Mets front office is an embarrassment.

Oh, I almost forgot: The Mets won again, their third consecutive win. Congrats to the Triple-A team in Queens. None of that even matters anymore, because the Mets, the Wilpons and Omar Minaya will be absolutely crushed in the New York media for weeks to come. Don't expect anything positive about the Mets to come out of the Daily News anytime soon.

One question comes to mind: Where the hell are the Wilpons?

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