Monday, July 20, 2009

Yankees Postgame, 7/20 vs. Orioles: Jap-Attack

Very well-pitched game from old man Andy. Actually went into the 8th inning (an inning Joba has seen exactly once since he left the bullpen), throwing 110 pitches and striking out 8.

Some outstanding defensive plays in the top of the 8th helped bail out Pettitte. I have to credit a drunk Yanks fan at the game on Sunday for the following nugget of genius. When Girardi went to Coke in Sunday's game: "STAY OFF THE BLOW, GIRARDI!" Joe's infatuation with Phil Coke could turn into a huge problem that could prompt rehab for the Yankee skipper if Coke doesn't continue to pitch well.

Another 2-1 win, another walk-off home run. Matsui wasn't available for comment on the field with Kim Jones because his translator was in the John and he still doesn't speak a word of English after six years in New York.

Looking forward: Sergio Mitre???

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