Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mets Win, Yanks Lose, Wang Out For Season

The Mets continued their winning ways behind a good start by Mike Pelfrey. Obviously the Mets aren't going to lose again this season, win the NL East and will be so good the rest of the summer that Bud Selig will waive the NL playoffs and just put the Mets in the World Series.

The Yankees lost a very ugly game full of errors and sloppy play, hopefully getting all of that out of their system last night. Swisher is absolutely embarrassing in right field, begging a few questions: Will the Yankees trade for an OF? Will the Yankees make a trade at all? Why does Eric Hinske rot on the bench?

And yes, last but certainly not least, Chien-Ming Wang visited Dr. Andrews for his baseball death sentence: Shoulder surgery today, out for the season. One would think the Yankees will now go after a serviceable 4th/5th starter like an Arroyo, Washburn, etc.

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