Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jets Suck

Last week, I warned the non-Jets fan about getting too excited about Gang Green.

They will always let their fans down, and today was no different. I'm assuming at this point, the Mets/Jets fan has to be right on the verge of suicide. Good thing for me the Yankees keep me afloat (And the fact that the NFL is creeping further and further away from my interest in recent years because of the constant Jet heartbreak).


The Jets are now 8-4. A week ago, Jets fans across the tri-state area were calling a win-out.

Someone explain to me why in the first quarter of a scoreless game, deep in your own end, in the rain, Brian Shottenheimer called for a fake option reverse with Brad Smith. You can't. It's unexplainable. The game was over from that moment on.

Go ahead, look at the box score.

"Thomas Jones had 138 yards on 16 carries! The Jets should have run it more!"

No, they shouldn't have. They had one good drive that stalled in the red zone. It started at their own 2-yard-line. A couple penalties and a few big screens (With equally as many Bronco injuries) got the Jets all the way down the field, where they settled for a meaningless field goal.

Take away Jones' 59 and 29-yard touchdown runs, and he had 50 yards on 14 carries. Nothing spectacular. I don't usually like to use foul language, so what I will say is that the Jets played like this today.

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