Monday, November 24, 2008

Play the Super Bowl at Giants Stadium

If the Giants and the Jets (Click here to find out just how big I think that "if" is) end up meeting each other on Super Sunday, why would you send these two teams that play in the same stadium all the way to Tampa?

If pigs decide to fly, and hell freezes over, and the Jets should actually make it to the Super Bowl, where the Giants will be waiting for them, why can't they play the game at Giants Stadium?

People are already calling up WFAN asking what they're going to do if the Jets and Giants both get home-field in the playoffs and have to play games back-to-back in January.

I guess these "fans" don't quite remember last year's playoffs. There are games on Saturday and Sunday during the NFL playoffs. So, just by thinking about it for a half-second, I have solved this conundrum: One team plays on Saturday; the other team on Sunday. I can't take all the credit though -- they've been doing it this way forever. This will give the stadium's crew plenty of time to hang up the green wallpaper they use to cover the red walls. Genius.

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