Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big Bust Update

Remember this guy Rangers fans? Hugh "Huge Specimen" Jessiman? Slats do you even remember? Anybody?

Don't worry if you can't recall the fella, not many people do, considering he is the only player from the first round of the 2003 draft to have never played a regular season or playoff NHL game. I'll give you a minute to collect yourself after looking at that draft list and vomitting Rangers fans. It's all better now, Zherdev is here.

Just thought I'd give you folks (well the few that care about him anyway) a little update on the recently traded bust.

The new Milwaukee Admiral (is it that hard to put the roster in some kind of order? Alphabetical, number, position...something?) has three goals and one assist since the Rangers traded him to the Nashville Predators for future considerations earlier this season. Maybe the Rangers are just trying to get even with the Preds for that Adam Hall disaster. But check out this goal by Jessiman (Click here) in a game this past week against the Detroit Red Wings farm club, Grand Rapids Griffins. Not too shabby, but I am actually more concerned for the Red Wings. Goaltender Jimmy Howard is supposed to be the future and he's letting in weak shots...from Hugh Jessiman...on his backhand...from his knees? Dom Hasek, you may want to wait by your phone again.

By-the-way, what are the odds that Glen Chervin drew the Admirals logo?

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Big Rig In Da House said...

And just to think The Rangers could have picked Parise instead!

I always said Jessiman was the next Brad Isbister...but if he can't get in a game he may just fall short of that comparison.

Seriously though why did The Rangers trade him? Power forwards usually don't hit their full potential until 28-30 anyway. Just let him keep trucking away in the minors.