Monday, May 19, 2008

Yanks lose series to Mets, drop three straight

20-24. The Yankees have not exactly followed their preseason script to say the least.

The only bright side to this atrocious record is there is no A-Rod or Posada. The lack of Yankee offense can be saved when those two big bats get back into the lineup. A-Rod is scheduled to return to action tonight against the Orioles, while Posada is slated to return in early June.

Yankee Offense:
179 Runs (12th in AL)
136 BB (10th in AL)
14 SB (13th in AL)
56% SB (Last in AL)
8 Sac Flies (13th in AL)
33.7 AB/HR (11th in AL)

Maybe A-Rod will come back and rake like last year.

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