Monday, May 12, 2008

A blessing in disguise?

With the Yankees coming off a big win Saturday on the strength of a second strong start from Darrel Rasner (click), Sunday's rainout against the Tigers seemed like a bad thing. One good thing has come out of it though: The Yankees now have the ability to skip Kei Igawa the next time around in the rotation. (Source)

Andy Pettitte is the scheduled starter tonight in Tampa, followed by Chien-Ming Wang tomorrow and Mussina on Wednesday. To finish up their four-game set with the Rays, the Yankees may be able to skip Igawa's start and throw Rasner on Thursday.

Another scenario has Igawa throwing on Thursday (due to a horrific lack of arms) against the Rays, then Rasner pitching the first game of the weekend series with the Mets.

The last option is to start Rasner on Thursday, then send Igawa down to Scranton and bring up either the reborn Ian Kennedy or another starter to fill in. (Source)

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