Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another miserable April

And A-Rod's not even here to save it this year.

I guess the Yankee fan should be thrilled after going 14-15 in April after a 9-14 start last year. But with three big-name players on the disabled-list (A-Rod, Posada and Phil Hughes), one guy out for the season (Brian Bruney), and a partridge in a pear tree, the Yankees' future isn't looking too bright.

The Yankees have huge problems and not to pile it on, but there are rumors that Hughes and Kennedy are going to be sent down to Triple-A to "find themselves."

Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes' combined numbers:
41 IP | 57 Hits | 40 R | 30 BB | 28 K | 8.78 ERA

If Carl Pavano ever pitched 41 innings in pinstripes, I figure his numbers would look similar to those. A Pavano reference, that's just awful.

The most remarkable aspect of this putrid month for the Bombers is the fact that there is a crazy pattern to their wins and losses. If they win one, they lose one, if they win two, they lose two, etc. Click.

P.S.- Johan's numbers look like this:
40.1 IP | 29 Hits | 14 R | 8 BB | 39 K | 3.12 ERA | 0.92 WHIP

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