Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flushing the Johan deal

I am happy to be able to report that the New York Mets have finalized a deal to acquire the two-time AL Cy Young award winner. 

The reason Yankee Universe is so happy is because the Yankees at one point were willing to trade away their future, something I could not agree with, for Johan Santana. Trading any combination of Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera (And I think I even remember hearing Robinson Cano?) would have made me really upset. Then you sprinkle on prospects like Jose Tabata and Austin Jackson, and it becomes ridiculous. 

The Yankees were able to get rid of him without giving anything up, a mere win-win in my book.

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Elisabeth said...

happened to be skimming facebook and stumbled on your blog lol don't judge...i couldn't agree more. the yankee organization needs to realize that spending big dollars on big name stars only gets the club going for so long. the whole poing of being an all-star is that you've reached a peak in your playing career. that peak will only last for so long and then, while you have a legacy team, you don't have the playing power necessary to win championships. this has been the ongoing issue and what i think is the downfall of the team. steinbrenner and his group need to understand that sacrificing cabrera, hughes, and most certainly cano would have been disastrous to the future of the yankees. its clear that they are having a tremendous impact on the team as the younger players and they have not even reached their peak. what will be important is making sure that they are still on the team when they do peak and harnessing that talent into becoming the all-stars of tommorow.