Sunday, January 20, 2008

Championship Weekend

Patriots over Chargers

There have been some recent gripes between San Diego and New England, but the Patriots have come out on top for the most part, as the Chargers have won their first playoff games since 1994 to get here. We all know about the Patriots undefeated season, and without dissecting it too much, I still cannot bet against them. 

Philip Rivers is a game-time decision, while LT and Antonio Gates will both play. Gates is claiming that he is in more pain today than he was last week, but will still reportedly get out there today in New England.

Bottom line: Patriots probably cover the two-touchdown spread.

Packers over Giants

The magic ride ends at the (Boomber voice) Frozen Tundra at Lambeau Field for the G-Men. Eli Manning has never been to Lambeau, and with the overwhelming atmosphere, and the projected 2 degree weather at gametime, it will be tough to succeed. 

Giants fans that I've talked to have claimed that they are so confident in Eli Manning that when he throws it down the field, they no longer hold their breath. I do not believe them. 

Today is the day for Eli to prove himself. If the Giants lose, but not at the direct cost of Eli Manning, maybe he is actually turning a corner. Only time will tell, can't wait for these games.

Last Weeks Record: 3-1
Overall Playoff Record: 6-2

Super Bowl Prediction: Green Bay vs. New England

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